Energy saving advice

Reduce your energy consumption with new technologies in lighting

Castles Electrical Services have over 30 years solid experience working within the commercial, domestic and industrial sector.

Our vision has always been to deliver to our clients the most energy efficient, cost effective solution to their needs without ever compromising quality.

With energy efficiency at the forefront of our design, we have always kept a close eye on new, low energy technologies.

LED lamps offer up to 90% more efficiency than other lamp types with a lifespan up to 30 times longer, therefore saving time, money, maintenance costs as well as reducing carbon emissions, landfill waste and hazardous materials entering the ecosystem.

Light output from LED lighting in comparison to halogen or fluorescent can be matched or improved upon, another factor making LED lighting a viable option.

Reduce your energy bills considerably with a solar PV installation

We are members of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and are able to offer clients a solar panel installation that will qualify for financial remuneration for the electricity generated via the& ‘feed in tariff’. The feed in tariff is a fixed rate per unit of electricity paid by the energy supplier for electricity generated by the solar panel array, as determined by the government.


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